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Stabilizer, also called centralizer, is made of 4145H MOD high-quality alloy steel and carried out upon standards such as API Spec 7-1,NS-1,DS-1. Working outside diameter is available from 95.3 to 914.4mm (3 3/4'' to 36 '').

 According to the structure can be divided into: Integral Spiral Blade Stabilizer, Integral Straight Blade Stabilizer, roller stabilizer, Replaceable Sleeve Stabilizer, and Tapered Stabilizer;

According to the different installation locations can be divided into Down-hole type and drill string type. According to the wear-resistant belt, there are two kinds of wear-resistant materials and hardfacing materials. All kinds of wear-resistant belts are numbered internationally, are HF1000, HF2000, HF3000, HF4000, HF5000, HF6000, HF7000, respectively.